“Infinity of cognition”

“Infinity of cognition”, cognition of ourselves, our capabilities, our Spirit and Soul, and the more we learn, the brighter the manifestation of new knowledge in life, and the deeper we plunge into new streams, the more we are carried away by everything that happens, leading to a new level ... and so endless ...
This painting helps to reveal your deepest abilities, awakening dormant possibilities and strengthening those that have already been revealed ...
Reading books, listening to music, or watching TV, we constantly receive new information and only part of this information remains in our consciousness, and only a tiny part of what remains gives us development. In essence, our life is a constant movement in different directions, and only the knowledge of something new helps us to move forward and develop our consciousness as a person.
I created this picture while listening to music of Bach. This music is eternal and while you listen to it you always find new emotional moments, so looking at the painting you always learn something new, which means you develop ...
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