All my life I have been working with energies and like a connector between the invisible world of energies and a person, healing and helping people. My goal is to show healing power through paintings. Since I see what is hidden from the eye, with the help of paints I transfer and lay it on the canvas. With the help of positive energies, you can influence the human field.
It is very important for me that with the help of my paintings, a person can change his life: whether it be physical or spiritual health, as well as much more, up to the financial direction. Very interesting for me to create an energy portrait, that is, a reflection of those energies that were originally embedded in him.
"Infinity of cognition"
"Energy of Passion"
Soul portrait "M"
Healing paintings
Paintings portrait of the soul
Paintings of abundance
Angelic paintings
Healing paintings
Paintings portrait of the soul
Paintings of abundance
Angelic paintings
Shipping and payment
I ship my paintings all over the world. You can pay through the paypal system or to a bank account, for this contact me directly and we will discuss a convenient payment system for you.

You can choose from the catalog or order a unique composition as you wish. We discuss ideas, approve the order, and I proceed to the mystery of creation by laying down the energies necessary for you in the picture. The embodiment of magic can enter your home too!

IMPORTANT: The cost of postage is not included in the price of the painting and is paid by the buyer separately.

IMPORTANT: Paintings are sent on a canvas, BUT without a frame. (Everyone has different tastes and everyone chooses frames according to their taste)
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What is an energy picture? How? Energy reflection in the picture - how is it? What is an energy portrait?
What is an energy picture? How? Energy reflection in the picture - how is it?
Let's think a little together!
Looking at my paintings, many people feel something. According to them, someone says that they don't understand anything, but they like to watch, while someone want not to watch or move away. What is going on?
In fact, my work is filled with various energies, as, indeed, any picture. But I purposefully create a picture of energies that affects a person, helping to gradually change one or another direction in life. Like an amulet or a talisman that hangs on the wall and constantly radiates its energy, imperceptibly for the person himself, affecting his actions. Therefore, it is very important to understand what energies are embedded in the picture.
Well, what is an energy portrait? In my paintings you will not find the usual images of a person or a landscape. I just read the energy set, so to speak, of a person, his talents and abilities, inclinations and bindings, everything that was originally laid down and what developed during his life. All this is pours out into the picture. Moreover, I try to strengthen those moments that can help a specific person, but I try to reduce what interferes in life.

This is briefly, so to speak, an easy excursion to understand the essence of my work.
If a person who owns such a picture often looks at it, a feeling of unity of energies appears. You can immerse yourself in a certain state. And at such moments interesting ideas and thoughts come, a solution to issues is being built. And you know, everyone has their own small (or large) miracles, which the owners of the paintings later tell me about.

I am always interested in the fate of my work, and it is especially important how they help people. And, quite often, I get very interesting stories. And this is very inspiring!

If you are interested, you can go to my website https://art-kreola.com/full-catalog and see the pictures. You can also place an order there if you wish. It happens that someone likes a picture, but wants a little differently or a different size. Everything is solved. Write to me and we can agree on everything :).
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